About my company profile, 9siam medical Co.,Ltd. specializes in services all medical equipment High quality, We have a designated team of highly skilled biomedical engineers to repair every piece of equipment according to the original manufacturers' specifications assuring quality and Functionality, all equipment after repair must be approved by the Quality Calibration Team.


          My company interest your products for sales in Thailand. You can trust my services team can support services your company.


“ The first of quality.”


We provide the integrated Medical device services which international standard for the best customer satisfactions.


1. We provide Medical devices and services by concerning on standard and customer satisfactions.
2. Continuously improve the work system to reach the international standard for customer satisfactions.
3. Improve human resources to get know how for the work by educating and training.


Services provided
-Medical instrument system management
-Medical instrument repair
-After sales services and medical instrument calibration
-Sales of medical instrument accessories
-Medical instrument seminar provider